Returning from the success of his debut single ‘Slowdown‘, budding Melbourne-based artist/producer JOSHCIRI is back with a grand new offering titled ‘WASTING‘.

Laced with a heavy-hitting guitar lead, invigorating melodies, robust drums, and perfectly spaced production, this new track truly packs a punch. JOSHICIRI continues to showcase his boundless artistry by delivering a genre-bending anthem exploring the “rollercoaster that a toxic relationship can be.”

Moreover, ‘WASTING‘ hears JOSHCIRI’s magnetising cadence ascend the record to new heights, as he projects introspective wordplay and energetic vocal performances which are sure to have listeners catching a vibe. The man doesn’t miss!


Ahead of the release, The Local Frequency spoke with JOSHCIRI about the concept and inspiration behind ‘WASTING‘, what he’s been listening to, plans for the remainder of 2022, and more!

Check out the full interview below:

Congrats on the release of ‘WASTING’! What was the process of bringing it to life and what inspired the concept?

“Wasting is a song I wrote about the ups and downs of a toxic, or may I say, the rollercoaster that a toxic relationship can be. I guess I tried to paint the picture by creating these two characters that can’t make up their mind on each other, but the only time they need each other is when they can’t deal with being alone.”

They aren’t in love or attached to one another. They are just in love with the idea or the thought of somebody being there.”

“When it comes to the direction of my sound and inspiration, I just sort really went back to what I was inspired by from the start. I grew up listening to and playing punk and emo music and I guess that’s how I wanted to express myself sonically on this song and to really get behind the drum kit again felt good as well.”

The process of this song literally started with that lead guitar at the start I just looped and wrote and recorded all the lyrics just off the top of that loop. Then from there just bought the rest of it to life. It was super fun getting behind the drum kit again for this song, we recorded in a kitchen and really got the coolest sounds ever on it.

When it comes to your sound, who are your biggest influences at the moment?

When it comes to the direction of my sound the biggest influences I would have to say are Blink-182 , Teenage Wrist, and nothing,nowhere at the moment.”

What do you think listeners feel when they listen to your art?

Ooo if the audience feels anything id be pretty happy, but I don’t wanna try to tell them how to listen to it.

What’s next? What else can we look forward to seeing in the future?

You can expect a lot more drums and guitar from JOSHCIRI, as well as some pretty cool features too.


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Written by,
Timothy Thorpe

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