Carter unveils his highly anticipated new single ‘Avalanche’ alongside some spectacular visuals

After honing his craft in 2020 with an array of notable releases including ‘Selfish‘ and the YNG Martyr assisted anthem ‘EXCUSE ME!’, Melbourne-based artist Carter has returned to deliver a highly anticipated new single.

Titled ‘Avalanche‘, the track comes as a musing ballad about dealing with heartbreak and the harrowing pain of having a close relationship fall apart. Sonically it projects gripping production made up of soft keys, Trap-fuelled percussion and velvety guitar riffs; while Carter pushes boundaries with a breathtaking display of profound vocals. Moreover, the talented tastemaker continues to showcase his dexterous artistry by experimenting with heavy-hitting flows and genre fluid melodies.

Accompanying the release are some stunning visuals courtesy of prominent local creatives Nick Rae (New Wave Infinity) and Thomas Molan. Capturing a wide selection of shots that are both highly captivating and extremely innovative – it’s an early contender for video of the year type of watch. Just peep the visuals below and you’ll understand what I mean.


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Written by,
Timothy Thorpe

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