Agung Mango reveals an exuberant double single ‘120fps’ / ‘WISEFOOL’

Rising Melbourne-based artist Agung Mango makes a highly anticipated return after unveiling his first release for 2021 which comes as a jam-packed double single titled ‘120fps’ / ‘WISEFOOL‘.

Laced with heavy-hitting funk undertones, both cuts offer immense instrumentation filled with infectious bass licks, dark keys and bold drums. Agung Mango continues to thrive as he showcases his dynamic artistry through vigorous flows and intrinsic wordplay.

Along with news of the release, Agung Mango took to his socials to explore the meaning behind each track;

“120fps is a song about an ongoing love-hate relationship where ultimately one side is slowing the other down. The relationship discussed in the song is a metaphor used to describe the struggles and dependencies I’ve had in the past with using drugs…

WISEFOOL is my interpretation of what the dreaming state can be like – random and sporadic in nature. I wanted the freedom to be able to unapologetically write a song that didn’t just have to have only one premise or storyline, similar to how dreams are like…”

Looking forward TLF is eager to see what’s next for the young and exceptional tastemaker. We’re hoping this release serves as the first of many more. In the meantime you can catch Agung Mango supporting Genesis Owusu on his (almost sold out) national ‘Smiling With No Teeth Tour‘.



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Written by,
Timothy Thorpe

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