Eleftherios joins forces with Nomad, KVNYL & Theah for an uplifting new single ‘Do Right Now’

After teaming up with Jordan Dennis to open the year with a powerful and ponderous single titled ‘Crossroads‘, Melbourne-based engineer, producer and instrumentalist Eleftherios looks to keep the hits coming as he shares a fresh cut ‘Do Right Now‘.

Calling on the likes of fellow local tastemakers Nomad, KVNYL and Theah, the record channels themes of feeling defeated, lost and without purpose as a result of the gruelling year that was 2020. Sonically, it offers a warm blend of Lo-Fi/Hip-Hop production; fuelled with swift drums and bright guitar riffs. Meanwhile each artist contributes heartfelt performances filled with insightful wordplay and uplifting harmonies.

Do Right Now‘ is the perfect example of flipping a gloom-ridden experience into a beautiful learning curve. Speaking on the release, Eleftherios took to his socials to further explore what the single represents;

“Time passing provides an opportunity to reflect and understand, to learn and to grow… it is a finite blessing, one that wraps its hands around our core to carry us forward until it can carry us no more…”

“With the help of time, my dear family and friends, and from channeling it all into music… where I am now compared to this time last year is a complete night and day difference. We can never know precisely what the future holds for us…”



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Written by,
Timothy Thorpe

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