r.em.edy calls on REYKO! for a stellar new single ‘Fked It Up’

After offering her vocals to a string of releases since the beginning of 2021, emerging Melbourne-based rapper, singer-songwriter and producer r.em.edy has stepped out with a release of her own as she unveils a new single entitled ‘Fked It Up‘.

Produced by MixedByJd and mixed by MixedByTrae, the record puts forward heavy-hitting 808’s, ambient keys, and silky R&B lullabies. Where r.em.edy delivers entrancing vocals and utilises her dreamy cadence with multi-layered melodies, before REYKO! joins in to supply the single with his sublime artistry that’s akin to the latter of the single.

What’s more, ‘Fked It Up‘ comes complete with accompanying visuals courtesy of local video production company Visionaire Media. The video presents a stunning selection of shots; showcasing the artists enjoying each others company and genuine friendship, as well as performing the contrasting tones of the audible to camera. This single comes as an all-round gem that’s been executed flawlessly on all fronts.



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Written by,
Timothy Thorpe

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