Freeds reflects on his youth with a moody new single ‘Wallis Pde’

After opening the year with a bright and bubbly ballad titled ‘Fruit Bats‘, Melbourne-based artist Freeds returns straying away from his familiar and fun charisma as he instead channels a period in his life where he felt lost.

This new release ‘Wallis Pde‘ combines reverberating drums, heavy bass and crunchy guitar progressions, as Freeds delivers introspective melodies reminiscing about times of rebellion and regret. The song presents a darker mood compared to his previous work, as Freeds reflects on his troublesome youth growing up in the streets of Sydney.

What’s more, he recently took to his socials to announce the visuals for ‘Wallis Pde‘ are in the works and coming soon. Stay tuned!



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Written by,
Timothy Thorpe

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