r.em.edy opens up with her mesmerising new ballad titled ‘613’

Returning from the success of her recent collaborations alongside REYKO! and BANTA, emerging Melbourne-based Alternative R&B artist r.em.edy is back for her fifth single for 2021 with ‘613‘.

Reflective of a new era in her music, the musing record (MixedByTrae) encompasses a rich combination of sonics swaying from stripped back Hip-Hop, R&B and Neo Soul, while also integrating voice memos recorded by r.em.edy at her most honest and vulnerable state of mind.

The title ‘613‘ is in reference to the dial code for Melbourne, Australia, in turn fuelling the storytelling wordplay in which r.em.edy comes to terms with her feelings around her ex lover returning to the city.

Complete with a window-rattling beat switch that makes way for a hard-hitting bassline, this single hears r.em.edy execute magnetising melodies reminiscent to the likes of notable acts Amy Winehouse and Doja Cat. Therefore, with an array of incredible releases to her name already, it’s no secret r.em.edy is well and truly on her way to solidifying herself as one of the country’s most propitious new artists. If you’re not already familiar, now’s the time!



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Written by,
Timothy Thorpe

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