PREMIERE: Logan M & Jay Zayat – shame

Emerging Melbourne-based Hip-Hop artist Jay Zayat and fellow local artist/producer Logan M have joined forces for a heavy-hitting and sleek new single titled ‘shame‘. Featuring a total play time of just under two minutes, this record will have you racing to run it back over and over again.

Sonically ‘shame‘ presents a seamless blend of Emo Rap/Trap aesthetics by utilising bright keys, thumping 808’s and rapid hi-hats. All the while Logan and Zayat bounce off of one another trading animated vocals and high-octane flows.

Together, the duo create an alluring listening experiences which feels reminiscent to the likes of notable US acts Lil Uzi Vert, Landon Cube, Lil Skies and Tyla Yaweh. Looking forward, The Local Frequency is eager to hear what’s to follow from both Jay Zayat and Logan M as both artists are quickly gaining traction in their own right and earning their place within the local scene.

Don’t sleep!



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Written by,
Timothy Thorpe

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