PREMIERE: Logan M – Trippin’

Moving with the momentum from his recent single ‘shame‘, Melbourne-based artist/producer Logan M looks to deliver back-to-back hits as he unveils a sleek and raw new record titled ‘Trippin‘.

Featuring acoustic and upbeat guitar chords, the track (mixed/mastered by Riverine) makes use of stripped-back production via marching dum patterns and stellar background harmonies from fellow Burn City tastemaker r.em.edy. Bringing it all full circle, Logan M projects a mellow cadence by way of fleecy vocals and dexterous wordplay. ‘Trippin” sees the talented upcomer showcase his ability to execute genre-bending sonics while excelling in his own lane. Logan’s crooning charisma is highly infectious and bound to leave listeners catching a vibe.

What’s more, the release comes complete with some glossy visuals courtesy of local director Charles Buxton-Leslie. The video bounces between stunning outdoor shots amidst bright greenery, to monochrome shots of Logan kicking back in his room performing to camera. Subsequently, this creates a marvellous parallel from the audible and the visual which only enriches the single as a whole.

The world is in a crappy place right now, take a couple of minutes to escape for a little!



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Written by,
Timothy Thorpe

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