CD joins forces with PANIA for an empowering new anthem titled ‘CATCHA GRIP’

Coming off the back of her widely praised singles ‘Me Too‘ and ‘Mr. M.I.A.‘ from 2020, emerging Melbourne-based artist CD has made a grand return after joining forces with fellow rising star PANIA for a spirited new record ‘Catcha Grip‘.

Produced by SOLLYY and mikki from preston, the track is brought to life with a foundation of soft keys and slow-paced drums which pack a punch. Developing quickly into a magnetising mesh of genres, ‘Catcha Grip‘ puts forward refined elements of R&B, Soul and Lo-Fi – making way for CD and PANIA’s vocals to shine at the forefront. In turn, both artists execute flawless melodies and glide over the single with powerful performances that are bound to keep listeners hanging on to every word.

Speaking on the release, CD shared an empowering message via her Instagram;

“This is so much more than a song to me, it’s a movement to encourage more women to admire their reflections instead of hate it, & to love it w all the love they have to give.”

“It’s a message to men to allow women to express themselves as they wish. Let us wear what we wanna wear & do what we gotta do to feel sexy!!”



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Written by,
Timothy Thorpe

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