Ish Quan is back with a vigorous new single titled ‘These Days’

Returning from the success of his recent single ‘Treason‘, widely talented artist, producer and engineer Ish Quan has stepped up to unveil his second offering for 2021 in ‘These Days‘.

Crafted from bold 808s, rapid hi-hats, heavy kicks and vigorous synth patterns, the record puts forward an animated listening experience with Ish Quan showcasing his multifaceted expertise. ‘These Days‘ hears his signature flair of avant-garde melodies, however, this time around Quan experiments with vocals that offer a more bouncier Pop-fused style of Hip-Hop.

Moreover, this new cut has listeners ready to rage and soak up the electric soundscape that’s quickly established from the jump. Ish Quan is an absolute mastermind when it comes to arranging and piecing together records with contrasting sonics, but you should already know that.

Stop sleeping!



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Written by,
Timothy Thorpe

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