Kaiya unveils an empowering new record titled ‘Don’t Hold back’

Melbourne-based Alternative/R&B artist Kaiya continues to push the envelope and establish herself within the local music scene as she returns to deliver a glorious new ballad titled ‘Don’t Hold Back‘.

Produced by IconicBeats, the record arrives stripped-back with smooth Lo-Fi drum patterns alongside bright keys which leave space for Kaiya’s vocals to shine above. Sonically, she sends the listener on a heartfelt journey of chasing an emotionally unavailable lover which in turn teaches Kaiya to channel her pain into power. Further, ‘Don’t Hold Back‘ inspires listeners to reflect on their own relationship attachments and seeks to open up the conversation about the best practices to connect with one another.

As part of the release, Kaiya has partnered with The Attachment Project, an internationally renowned online platform that provides a rich selection of resources to heal our unique misunderstandings of love.

Speaking on the single, Kaiya says;

“Don’t Hold Back journeys through my healing of 26 years of unreliable relationships and the effects that had on me in my adulthood. If you feel like you’re attracting the same type of person into your life, maybe it’s time to gently start asking why. More often than not we’re used to re-experiencing our trauma through our relationships and I believe with some work, we can have a whole lot better than that.” 



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Written by,
Timothy Thorpe

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