PREMIERE: Priya Francis – Swimming

Looking to close out the year with a bang, Melbourne-based singer-songwriter Priya Francis has returned to unveil a musing new single titled ‘Swimming‘.

Produced by Jarrod Hambleton with additional input from Coben McDonald (one half of electronic-duo Yuto.), the record comes as a placid Soul ballad that’s comprised of steady drum beats and dreamy guitar riffs. The record projects a shimmering soundscape and leaves the perfect amount of space for Priya’s vocals to shine atop.

Through channeling infectious sounds from the glorious era of the late-90s/early-2000s, ‘Swiming‘ looks to carve a lane of its own while passing through the intersection of Indie-Pop and Alt-R&B. Fuelled with exquisite melodies and a chariming charisma, ‘Swimming‘ hears Priya come to terms with the realisation it’s time to make her own mistakes and figure things out on her own.

Speaking on the release, she says;

“As I’ve gotten older I’ve also become a bit more confident writing about my actual feelings rather than what I think I should be writing about. Being in lockdown, having to really put effort into relationships and connections, it’s been a time in my life where I get to experience and hear all of my feelings and thoughts at full volume.”

With an EP in the works and some more collaborations to come, The Local Frequency is eager to see Priya Francis flesh out her catalogue of quality records and continue to establish herself as one of this city’s most authentic acts.



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Written by,
Timothy Thorpe

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