George Myer delivers a first-class new single and visuals with ‘Santorini’

After kicking off the year with the release of his highly anticipated debut album ‘G1‘, Melbourne-based artist George Myer continues to showcase his rich artistry as he shares a marvellous new single titled ‘Santorini‘.

Laced with bouncy Trap-fuelled percussion and heavy 808s, the record puts forward a dynamic soundscape that’s complemented with Myer’s energetic wordplay and robust melodies. ‘Santorini‘ hears the promising act open up about dealing with heartbreak and sees him channel his feelings into a hard-hitting anthem about letting go.

What’s more, the single comes complete with first-class visuals courtesy of OneHouse and directed by Finegan Sampson. The video brings the audible to life through an extremely cinematic performance where Myer stars as a pilot amid a vintage, aviation-themed narrative. The team even rented out an airport and filmed various aerial shots, as well as performing to camera on the wing of a plane. Believe me, this video is nothing short of amazing.


Looking forward George Myer has announced his follow-up album ‘OUTTA TIME‘ can be expected for release in early 2022! Stay tuned for more.


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Written by,
Timothy Thorpe

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