Jay Zayat teams up with Allison Bysouth for a moody new single ‘One Night’

After keeping busy throughout 2021 sharing an array of top-notch singles, Jay Zayat looks to channel that same energy into this year as he returns for a fresh new track titled ‘One Night‘.

Produced by Jono and mixed/mastered by Trae, the record projects moody late-night aesthetics by way of soft keys, ambient synths, and slow-paced Trap percussion. What’s more, ‘One Night‘ enlists fellow local artist Allison Bysouth for her debut release.

Sonically, both Allison and Jay Zayat project warm R&B vocals reminiscent to the likes of global tastemakers PARTYNEXTDOOR and Jhené Aiko. This single is for those after hours when you’re wide awake struggling to sleep and stuck in your feelings. One listen isn’t enough.



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Written by,
Timothy Thorpe

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