Kyso returns for a hard-hitting new single titled ‘Solo’

Melbourne-based artist Kyso has kicked off 2022 with a fierce, statement-making single titled ‘Solo. Following his 2021 record ‘Feel Your Love’, this new one comes as the second taste of his forthcoming debut EP which is set to release in the middle of the year.  

This time around, ‘Solo‘ offers infectious and braggadocious bars which shout out haters, ex-girlfriends, and most importantly, himself. Produced by Ionei Heckenberg & Eriki Beatz, the track projects beefy Trap-fuelled percussion, thumping 808s, and a glimmering layer of keys. All the while Kyso flows effortlessly atop with chirpy and melodic vocals. This one slaps!

Speaking on the release, Kyso says;

“Honestly the last couple of years have been tough for me. At the start of 2021 I was going through a huge break-up, moving away from my hometown and losing people close to me. But I kept my sanity knowing that I still had music as an outlet. And ‘Solo’ is the best way I could put into words how I’m feeling and how I’m going to carry myself from this moment forward. As fun as this song was to make, it also reminds me of dark times. But it’s a shout-out to myself knowing that I got through those dark times and I did it Solo.”



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Written by,
Timothy Thorpe

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