PREMIERE: Thea FitzGerald – Way Up

Budding Melbourne-based singer, songwriter, and producer Thea FitzGerald presents us with the exclusive unveiling of her breathtakingly bold new single ‘Way Up’.

Serving as a powerful record about loss and regret, Thea entraces the listener through vulnerable and honest lyricism. Backed with an upbeat soundscape mixing vibrant trumpets, uplifting drums and bright keys, ‘Way Up‘ makes you feel heavy but free at the same time. Further, Thea showcases a captivating blend of Pop and R&B with free-flowing vocals that encourage self-reflection while highlighting the importance of relationships and human connection.

Speaking on the meaning behind the release, Thea says;

“To be brutally honest, I didn’t adore my grandmother nearly as much as I should have until I was about 15. We then became extremely close and she ended up passing away unexpectedly whilst I was on a gap year overseas. I hadn’t seen her for months and didn’t get to say goodbye, and I will always regret that I only really made 3 years of our relationship special.”


With her third EP ‘Falling Forward‘ slated for release on the 17th of March and live shows on the horizon, watch this space as Thea establishes herself as one to watch!

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Facebook: @theafitzgeraldmusic
Instagram: @theafitzgeraldmusic
Twitter: @TheaFitzGerald_

Written by,
Timothy Thorpe

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