G-PANA shares a bold and sleek new anthem titled ‘Melody’

Rising Melbourne-based artist G-PANA looks to turn heads after unleashing an anthemic new single titled ‘Melody‘.

Produced by 3lackondabeat, the track projects an upbeat soundscape laced with traditional strings, bouncy Trap percussion, bold 808s, and distorted bass. All the while G-PANA slides atop delivering smooth flows and glossy melodies (ironically). This release is yet another display of his insightful lyricism and intrinsic storytelling, this time around exploring the notion of failing relationships.

Looking forward TLF is eager to see what’s next for the budding emcee as he continues to showcase his distinct artistry and polished sound. If G-PANA isn’t on your radar already, it’s time to get familiar!



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YouTube: @G-PANA

Written by,
Timothy Thorpe

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