Eco$ystem calls on Lil Jaye for a stylish new single titled ‘Birkin’

One of the city’s most talented emcees Eco$ystem has made a highly anticipated return after joining forces with fellow local Melbourne artist Lil Jaye for a vigorous new hit titled ‘Birkin‘.

Produced by Ish Quan alongside Cw, the track offers sombre guitar chords, heavy-hitting Trap drums and percussion, as well as distorted bass and fierce 808s. From start to finish Eco$ystem delivers earworm vocals about chasing money, having dreams of mansions, and seeing his mama in a Birkin. Cut from the same cloth, Lil Jaye contributes stylish flows and effortless wordplay reminiscent to the likes of global superstars Young Thug, Gunna and NAV.

What’s more the record comes complete with accompanying visuals directed by FLYNNMADEIT and Eco$ystem. The video captures posse cuts with both acts performing to camera in what looks to be high-priced property, surrounded by luxury cars, and lavish aesthetics. Looking forward TLF is eager to hear more from Eco$ystem, as the word on the street is this release serves as the first of many. So keep your eyes and ears peeled!



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Written by,
Timothy Thorpe

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