EXCLUSIVE: This is Billy Davis

Referring to his musical style as a “whole supreme pizza”, Billy Davis is a Melbourne-based artist who has quickly become a pioneer of the local R&B and neo-soul scene.

By offering a certain elegance that’s joyful and relentlessly upbeat, his unique sound, positive mentality and hard working attitude has piqued the interest of many international artists and tastemakers alike. Continue reading “EXCLUSIVE: This is Billy Davis”


ICYMI: Johnnie Vuitton dropped off his sleek new anthem, ‘Brand Nu Drip’

Local up-and-coming artist Johnny Vuitton bursted on to the Melbourne hip-hop scene  this year with a string of exceptional releases and is showing no signs of slowing down.

His latest single, titled ‘Brand Nu Drip‘, is an absolute anthem which offers the perfect combination of fast-paced flows, smooth melodies and trap-fused production.

Continue reading “ICYMI: Johnnie Vuitton dropped off his sleek new anthem, ‘Brand Nu Drip’”

Boy Graduate and Eriki Beatz just gave us a taste of their upcoming ‘Power EP’

Emerging Melbourne hip-hop artist Boy Graduate and Perth-based producer Eriki Beatz have teamed up to bring us the first instalment from their forthcoming release, the ‘Power EP‘.

Titled ‘Do You Understand Your Power‘, the single serves as an anthem for those who struggle to recognise their self-worth by fusing smooth vocals and floor stomping beats.

Continue reading “Boy Graduate and Eriki Beatz just gave us a taste of their upcoming ‘Power EP’”

PREMIERE: Olive Amun – 4AM Freestyle

Over the past few years, Melbourne-based artist Olive Amun has solidified himself as one to watch by showcasing his smooth and infectious style over an array of sonics.

Today he reminds us of his innovative skill set with the release of his grand new single, titled ‘4AM Freestyle‘, which comes in the form of an incredibly laid-back display of trap-fused flows and technical wordplay.

Continue reading “PREMIERE: Olive Amun – 4AM Freestyle”

REMI has returned with an admirable new single, titled ‘5 A.M.’

Melbourne artist REMI and musical collaborator Sensible J are two of the fastest-rising hip-hop acts in the country, and together they have quickly gained the attention of international tastemakers alike.

This week the pair returned to the limelight with the release of their introspective new single, titled ‘5 A.M.‘. A remarkable track which delves into the depths of overcoming a toxic relationship and moving forward.

Continue reading “REMI has returned with an admirable new single, titled ‘5 A.M.’”

PREMIERE: Mansa The Legend – Switchin Lanez

Melbourne-based recording artist, songwriter and producer, Mansa The Legend, has quickly grown popular for his diverse sound and experimental taste.

Today he brings us his explosive new single, ‘Switchin Lanez‘, a heavy-hitting anthem which combines elements of trap, hip-hop and R&B. Further, it encapsulates an infectious energy that’s reminiscent to the likes of Tory Lanez and Travis Scott. Continue reading “PREMIERE: Mansa The Legend – Switchin Lanez”

Jordan Astra returns with his funky new single, ‘Hot Summer Love’

Still riding the success from his past release ‘Nothing To Lose‘ (featuring Mansa The Legend), Melbourne-based artist Jordan Astra has just delivered a glorious follow-up single, titled ‘Hot Summer Love‘.

Featuring a soulful and upbeat elegance, the track channels sonics similar to the likes of Anderson .Paak and Daft Punk. Further, it encompasses a blissful and pop-fuelled ambience that’s intertwined flawlessly with Astra’s extensive vocal abilities. Continue reading “Jordan Astra returns with his funky new single, ‘Hot Summer Love’”

ICYMI: Tèbir released his endearing new single, ‘Hold Me Down’

Since the release of his breakout single ‘Fragrance‘ back in 2018, Tèbir has acquired a notable following by introducing a fresh and unique sound to the local culture.

Through incorporating rich elements of r&b and soul, Tèbir’s style resembles sonics to the likes of John Legend and T-Pain. Moreover, his latest release ‘Hold Me Down‘ embodies a stripped back record with beautiful melodies and enticing lyricism. Continue reading “ICYMI: Tèbir released his endearing new single, ‘Hold Me Down’”

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