PASIKA’s new animated music video ‘Man Down’ is more than just a beautiful tribute

Meet PASIKA, an R&B artist of passion and soul, whose cultural roots are embedded deep within and shine through his lyrics.

Growing up in both Soweto, South Africa and Melbourne, Australia, PASIKA was raised by his grandmother and single mother who taught him about his ancestors and heritage from an early age.

As PASIKA navigates through this life, his internal consciousness is reflected in his lyrics and music.

Recently released is PASIKA’s moving lyric video for his song ‘’Man Down’’, in memory of Sly, a long-time friend whose life was unfortunately taken too soon.

While his consciously guiding spirit and heartfelt legacy lives on through his friends and family, PASIKA continues to pay tribute to Sly through ‘’Man Down’’, sketching to his fans a snippet of Sly’s character and the influence he has had on him.

Check it out here:

Five Questions: With PASIKA

  1. What motivated you to create “Man Down” in memory of your good friend, Sly? If you are comfortable with sharing, what is the story behind his passing?

 Sly was tragically run down in a double hit and run car accident in Melbourne’s west at 1/2pm. It was broadcasted all over the news the following day, his identification was not with him so emergency services could not identify him. He was the leader of a clique we were in called ‘Hard Hustle Recordings’. A group of 9 guys who were bound by the love of music and a passion for recording. A small group of friends went to identify Sly’s body at the morgue. Then made preparations to send him back to Zimbabwe to his family in Africa. Sly was constantly working on music and had the personality to gather a group and make it a family. Sly helped me grow in many ways and I will forever appreciate the skills he passed on to me. This is what made me write, perform and record the song “Man Down”.


  1. It sounds like he had quite a strong influence in your life, not only as a special friend but musically too. Tell us about your relationship with Sly.

 Sly was like a big brother figure who had a lot of life experience and knowledge to pass down. He was 5 years older than me and I admired his resilience in life and the determination/drive that would also influence my life. He saw my talents and I saw his. Mutual respect among two very gifted individuals.


  1. Did you ever get to create any music together?  

 Yes, we did. A number of songs in fact, I mean back then all we did was make music.


  1. With 2017 coming close to an end, what are your next plans and moves for 2018, in terms of your music career? Are you planning on releasing any more video clips, singles, lyric videos or performances?

“Man Down” was my closing chapter for 2017 but I am constantly creating for future goals and I have plans to shock the scene with what I have prepared next. Stay tuned on my Instagram and Facebook page where I post updates on upcoming work.


  1. What truly drives you to continuously grind and pursue your music career? Is there a certain philosophy you follow?

I’ve always had a passion for music with a need to write and sing my own lyrics. I’ve done this my whole life, it’s my way of expressing myself, my thoughts and my feelings. Even with no lights, no camera and no action, I would still write and sing. It’s just, I am what I am.


You can follow PASIKA on his social media channels below:
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Instagram: @pasikamusic


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