ICYMI: Baro dropped off some innovative visuals for ‘PRETTY’ + new demo ‘SUNBLOCK’

Melbourne’s very own, Baro, is an artist who’s constantly breaking musical boundaries and refuses to be categorised by a certain genre or label.

Baro creates music which encapsulates his deep, internal thoughts and emotions. He holds the ability to ingeniously express himself in such a versatile manner.

His latest release ‘JUST PROBLEMS YOU NEED TO KNOW’ (listen here) exhibits self-reflective lyricism, delivered through a range of heartfelt vocals.

The song ‘PRETTY’ is a grungy, alternative track disguised as a love song, which actually revolves around insecurities and self-love issues when yearning for somebody.

The visuals for the track (watch above) creatively illustrate Baro’s message of loving ourselves, and not breaking our own hearts.

With thousands of views and nothing but positive feedback, ‘PRETTY’ even got some love from US artist, Mac Miller.

Along with ‘PRETTY’ comes the new Poncho (Baro’s alter ego) demo ‘SUNBLOCK’, a melodic display of Baro’s wavy goodness. Although it is qute short, it certainly makes us eager to hear the full upcoming project, which is said to be released this month.

As 2017 comes to a close, TLF will be keeping a close eye on Baro and will be sure to keep you up-to-date with any news on upcoming releases.

Be sure to give Baro some love and follow his socials below:
Facebook: @waterboybaro
Instagram: @bazrichie
Twitter: @baroisrichard


Written by,
~Timothy Thorpe

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