The Cypher episode of Rhyme Scheme is finally here, and it’s crazy good.

This year saw the birth of an Australian hip hop collective called, ‘scheme.‘, a group with a vision of tackling the nations scene in a different approach.

Formed from the “New Wave of Hip Hop”, ‘scheme.’ is built on respect for the old, with a focus on the future. They’re set to explore the music and the lives of upcoming artists to tell their story, their way.

Scheme has had an extremely busy year with the release of three insightful episodes on their YouTube channel, featuring local emcees in a day in the life type scenario (check them out here).

Though the collective has recently returned with their long-awaited ‘Rhyme Scheme: The Cypher” instalment.

The episode features Melbourne’s very own, Petero ThonyKech KiddDroopo and scheme’s Rory, all taking turns freestyling and spitting bars over a filthy produced beat.

Petero kicks things off with his signature slow, tongue in cheek type steez before Rory quickly jumps in with some technical and multi-syllable flows which has the viewers ears melting.

Considering TLF hadn’t heard anything from Rory before, this verse has us wanting so much more!

Next on the mic is Kech Kidd, an upcoming emcee who quickly proves himself with his bouncy and charismatic lyrics. He maintains a steady flow and delivers some introspective bars from start to finish.

Followed by Kech is Droopo, an emcee who comes in hard with his raw and electric vocals. Not wasting anytime Droopo immediately demonstrates his ability to inflect his voice to give his freestyle a unique and distinctive touch.

If we’ve learnt anything from this cypher, it’s that Droopo is definitely one to keep an eye on.

The last verse is from Petero Thony, one of our favourite artists in the game right now. Thony appears to be in his element as he confidently spits an incredible verse, while encapsulating originality and versatility as an artist.

Check out the cypher below and let us know which verse was your favourite.


You can follow ‘scheme Media’ on their social media channels below:
YouTube: @scheme. media


Written by,
Timothy Thorpe

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