Anticipating Eleji’s forthcoming project, ‘THE ALEX DANGER TAPES’

Melbourne’s very own, Eleji, is one of this country’s youngest veterans when it comes to our hip hop/rap culture. With an impressive catalogue spanning over eight years, the emcee has mastered his craft and never fails to disappoint.

Eleji brings a deeper level of connection to his music, his ability to explore his consciousness and deliver reflective anecdotes is therapeutic beyond words.  

Just like he did so perfectly on his recent single Paranoid(listen below), Eleji is able to combine wavy flows with a complex storytelling style. This allows for him to open up about his darker side in a creative and positive manner, which is truly uplifting for the listeners experience.

With his forthcoming mixtape/EP ‘THE ALEX DANGER TAPES‘ set for release early this year, Eleji has already given us three cuts from the project (with¬†Paranoid being one of them)¬†and each single demonstrates how versatile he is as an artist.

For instance, ‘Love Never Dies(listen below)¬†hears the artist deliver a heartfelt¬†ballad for those we‚Äôve lost. Eleji provides an introspective narrative and insight into his mind, while flowing over some bluesy production.

In contrast, his most recent single ‘G.O.D‘¬†enlists fellow Melbourne artist,¬†DEX, for a reminiscent and nostalgic track. Together, the two emcees compliment each other’s styles flawlessly, making for an absolute anthem which truly encapsulates the ambience of “the good old days.”

Following these striking singles and THE ALEX DANGER TAPES getting closer to release,¬†TLF¬†is paying very close attention to Eleji’s timeline and you should too.

Be sure to give Eleji some love and follow his socials below:
Facebook: @iameleji
SoundCloud: @iameleji
Twitter: @iameleji
Instagram: @eleji3181


Written by,
~Timothy Thorpe

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