MoreLifeMonday: Z. LEWIS

This week for our ‘MoreLifeMonday instalment, The Local Frequency is proud to present the East London born and Melbourne-based artist, Z. LEWIS.

LEWIS is an upcoming emcee who’s transforming the Australian urban culture in quite a unique fashion. Having already caught the attention of Complex AU and Life Without Andy for some mere SoundCloud remixes, we now have an official debut release.

His latest single ‘Pause‘ (listen below), is a raging track which adapts traditional elements of hip hop, while creatively fusing rapid-fire grime flows with autotuned melodies.

Pause‘ showcases LEWIS’ strong lyricism and ability to do more than just rap. After listening to this track, it becomes clear why the emcee has received airplay from Triple JFBI RadioSYN FM and 4ZZZ. 

Moreover, it makes sense why LEWIS already shared the stage with some of this nation’s iconic hip-hop names including Ivan OozeMidas.Gold and I AM D.

Z. LEWIS is a straight up beast and potentially one of the most underrated artists in the country right now. Stop sleeping.

Be sure to give some love to Z. LEWIS on his socials below:
Facebook: @ZLEWISDC
Instagram: @zeddlbne
SoundCloud: @zlewisbne


Written by,
~Timothy Thorpe

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