EXCLUSIVE: This is Boy Graduate

Local legend and Melbourne-based artist, Boy Graduate, is currently gearing up to release his first single of 2019 and return for yet another tumultuous year.

However, in the meantime let’s rewind the clock and revisit his latest record, which comes in the form of a heartfelt dedication song to his mother, ‘Teresita‘.

The track is a reflection of every mother’s selflessness and dedication, it is a song of thankfulness and love. Boy Graduate explains how change is inevitable while also describing the challenges he faced outside of music, for instance; dealing with people passing away and the loss of friendships.

Moreover, with cooperative efforts from frequent collaborators, Cam Bluff and Dom Cork, ‘Teresita‘ showcases a raw and honest version of Boy Grad that has completely opened up to his emotions and vulnerability.


In the final days of 2018, TLF managed to chat with Boy Graduate and discuss some of his personal highlights of the year, all things ‘Teresita‘, his biggest influences and what to expect in 2019. Check out our full interview below:

First off, congratulations on a huge year! What have some of your highlights been?
Thank you! I think a special highlight last year was releasing ‘I’m Not Ready‘ with Brian Fresco from Chicago. I felt after releasing that I was getting a bit of industry attention from Spotify and Apple Music via playlist adds, Triple J plays, huge love from all the other community radio stations across the country and I was able to tour off the back of that track, was good vibes!

Who are some of your biggest influences and why?
Drake, cliché I know but just because he bridged the singing/rapping thing for my generation. Kanye is another big one, Jay-Z for his entrepreneurship and locally Allday because he made it cool to do what’s popular today in this country, in my opinion!

Photo: @novastella_

This new single is absolutely beautiful! What can you tell us about ‘Teresita’ and how it came together?
It was originally an idea with the melody’s you hear on it now, but it had no real lyrics or meaning. Cam Bluff and I had a few sessions on it then kind of left it sitting in the archives until I was inspired to write a song about my mum after a health scare. Everything is sweet now and it wasn’t that big of a deal but it really just opened up a lot of feelings about my relationship with her, especially because I’m getting older and all that, if you listen to the song you will understand haha.

What was your Mum’s reaction like when she first heard the track?
I kind of sprung it on her and just said “Hey I wrote a song for you” and she was like “oh ok” and I don’t think she was expecting the kind of song it is. It was a crazy moment for me, my mum and dad, just emotional and stuff. She asked to hear it again as soon as it finished so that counts for something as well I guess!

Looking forward, what can we expect to see from Boy Graduate in 2019?
A lot of releases, I’ve got so much banked up now it’s crazy. A lot of features in the works as well. I have a new song with Perth producer ‘Eriki Beatz’ coming out in Feb so that will be the first rollout for the year and I’m hoping to give more than what I put out last year!


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Written by,
~Timothy Thorpe

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