PREMIERE: Whit3 Boy – Myself

Although not too much is known about the Auckland-born, Melbourne-based, newcomer that is Whit3 Boy. The rising artist/producer has been steadily grinding and posting a healthy chain of new music across all popular streaming platforms.

Today he brings us his first single for 2019, with ‘Myself‘, a lo-fi infused record which strikingly captures emotions of pure anguish and melancholy.

Moreover, Whit3 Boy provides captivating and introspective lyricism that’s delivered with an effortless elegance. The blend between his vocals and the dark ambience of the production really makes for a magnetic listening experience.


Following the release of the new single, TLF managed to chat with Whit3 Boy and delve deeper into who he is as an artist, the new single, his influences, plans for 2019 and more!
Check out our full interview below:

(TLF) First off, for those who might not be aware of you, who is Whit3 Boy?
Whit3 Boy is a 19-year-old New Zealand born hip-hop artist living in Melbourne. I try to create something very weird and unique for each project I release so all my most popular songs are complete opposites of each other in terms of style.

(TLF) Where do you draw your inspiration from as an artist? Are there any particular influencers that stand out to you?
My biggest inspiration is the rapper Logic, you just can’t hate the guy. Been listening to him since his mixtape days. My other influences mainly are Childish Gambino and Tyler, the Creator.

(TLF) Congrats on the release of this new single, tell us what does it mean to you?
This song is about using more than words to show how you feel. It isn’t necessarily from my perspective, but more from the perspective of a very distraught person where their feelings are bleeding into the beat. Giving it a very heavy mesmerising sound.

(TLF) What inspired you to write ‘Myself’ and what was the process like when bringing it to life?
Since I’m taking a rather unorthodox approach with my new music I really tried to make a beat that could speak for itself and stick out in the crowd. I kept it relatively short on purpose. I don’t think most people could handle that beat for more than a minute and thirty seconds haha.

(TLF) What’s your stance on the Australian hip hop culture? How would describe the scene is performing on the global stage?
I think there are some seriously talented acts in Australia making a global impact right now. Kwame is the main one that comes to mind, I hope a lot more of the smaller artists get some time in that spotlight too.

(TLF) What do you think stands out the most when people hear your music?
Most of my music has a pretty fun vibe most of the time and that is the stuff that tends to blow up. I do get serious every now and then though.

(TLF) Lastly, as we move into 2019 do you have any plans for new releases or upcoming shows that the people should be aware of?
I’m working on an album but I won’t say much about it. Hoping to put out at least one music video and to try to do a few live shows. But no promises.


Keep up to date with the latest from Whit3 Boy by following his socials below:
Facebook: @realwhit3boy
Instagram: @realwhit3boy
SoundCloud: @whit3boy
Twitter: @realwhit3boy


Written by,
~Timothy Thorpe

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